Microsoft launches the 'Group Transcribe' App for Real Time Translation

The "Group Transcribe" software has been launched by Garage, the Microsoft experimental service. Launched for iOS users only, the application allows many users to discuss and transcribe messages together. Microsoft Group Transcribe is a work-hour forum for staff, customers and collaborators to use tools to jointly experiment with innovative ideas.


"Group Transcribe is an application that allows multiple people to transcribe the discussion from their own devices in an article. This application uses a multi-device approach that allows users to be more involved and efficient in real times, high-quality transcripts and translations during meetings and discussions."

In order to use Group Transcribe, all participants need an application on their smartphones, according to the Microsoft Guides. The transcript begins with one participant and others may be added automatically by a link, QR code, or a six-digit code.

The app captures a conversation and senses what people say and translates it into your language when people talk at the call or at the conference. In a matter of seconds, the app completes this operation. The software automatically translates the dialogue and displays with the translation the original text. After the meetings, the notes are saved to analyze and share. The Group is able to transcribe sessions to unlimited individuals. However, the app operates with up to four people simultaneously. You do not have to register, only pick your app's name and language.


Key features

Group Transcribe offers high-quality interpretations and translations in real-time.

  • Begin a phone conversation and invite other people to join*
  • Stay concentrated without taking notes or speaking
  • Follow the conversation in your preferred language in real-time
  • Check your device to view previous transcripts
  • Transfer transcripts easily to others
  • Supports languages in more than 80 locations

*To ensure a better experience, every user needs to use their own phone in his/her reach

Group Transcribe is available on iOS devices only, soon this application for Android users will be launched by Microsoft.

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