Microsoft says, Xbox Live is now Xbox Network

Microsoft has been revamping Xbox Live to XboxNetwork, a well-known online gaming service. New branding began to appear on the beta-testing Xbox dashboard where the users saw 'Xbox Network' in place of the normal Xbox Live. As a result, several clips in social media have been uploaded in relation to this change that Microsoft later confirmed.

According to a Microsoft spokesman, "Xbox network" refers to the Xbox online service underlies, which has been amended in the Microsoft Services Agreement. The update to 'Xbox network' from 'Xbox Live' aims to differentiate between the underlying Xbox Live Gold membership service."

For nearly 18 years, Xbox Live has been known for its user-friendly services and as a global entertainment hub for users. However, changes to the branding of the service do not only mean the platform itself as Larry Hyrb or more known as 'Xbox Live's Major Nelson.'

At first, Microsoft had stressed that the Xbox Live Gold was not discontinued but that the Xbox Live Golden price was up. In addition, in a few month's time, Microsoft plans to remove the requirement for subscription to free games on the service. In short, any extra payment is not necessary for free games such as Fortnite.

In short, this appears to be a new strategy to continue to take advantage of the pandemic lockdown to ensure that more Xbox users are running for money while their competitors PlayStation. On social media, several people have said that Xbox looks more like Sony and its own PlayStation Network service.

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