Microsoft Teams to get conversation transfer Feature

During corona days, Microsoft Teams, a video-conferencing network, was a disguise, with all the workplaces, colleges with schools moving online, and those sites acting as the means of contact. As their use has expanded since March 2020, several new features have been introduced by video based on the established networks, like Microsoft Teams, which make their interactions easier than before. A few months ago, Microsoft Teams revealed that support for calls transition between mobile and desktop devices will soon be included.


The company has finally announced that by the end of this month, the conversation transfer feature will be available to commercial users and GCC users. The video conferencing applications currently allow users to switch devices during an active meeting but are now evolving into a calling experience. This new feature enables users to forward constant calls between devices and also permits users to make the same call by adding a second device. There's a crash, though! Users must stay logged in from the same account on many devices to effectively use this feature.

This feature is not the only call transfer feature that TEAMs advertise. Furthermore, the company has shown plans for the introduction of a low data mode. Users will set data limits for video calls in this mode. It helps people to save data on their mobile devices with insufficient internet access.


However, for Government Community Cloud (GCC) users, this capacity is not clear for the company as the provisional deadline for March is for the start of these features.

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