Microsoft to buy discord for over $10 billion

It is noted that Microsoft is preparing for another huge acquisition. The company is talking for more than $10 billion to Discord, the popular video game chat community.

Discord has spoken to potential buyers, and software giant Microsoft is in operation, as reported by Bloomberg, but there is no deal ahead, the sources said that asked not to be identified because the talks are private. One person said that disorders are more likely than selling themselves.

Microsoft and Discord representatives declined to comment. In addition, Discord had been involved in sales talks on Monday before.

Based in San Francisco Diskord is most famous for its free, video, voice, and text communications and for its technology for study groups and dance classes, book clubs, and other virtual meetings that have been stuck at home during the pandemics period. It has over 100 million active monthly users and has developed its communication tools to transform it into a "talk place," instead of just a gamer-centered chat platform.

Microsoft, which last year tried to buy social media app TikTok and held talks to acquire Pinterest Inc., has purchased assets that provide access, according to people familiar with the thinking of the firm, to prosperous user communities. The Xbox company of Microsoft has also expanded the suite of subscription benefits it offers in its Game Pass offering. In the first minutes of trading Tuesday, Microsoft shares were up about 1.2%.

"Microsoft will probably be able to acquire Discord,"' said Bloomberg intelligence analyst Matthew Kanterman, who continues to transform their gaming business more closely into software and services. "There is a great chance to bundle Nitro in the Game Pass service, Discord's premium offering, to drive new subscriptions from the last 18 million."

In the past, Discord has also had talks with two familiar individuals, Epic Games Inc. and Inc.

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