Microsoft's Xbox version for testing Edge Chromium

The new Edge Chrome browser from Microsoft is now being tested on Xbox consoles. Now, in the Alpha Skip-Ahead community Xbox One or Xbox series S/X consoles, Xbox testers can use the latest Microsoft Edge. However, there is still no complete mouse and keyboard support.


The Chromium browser on Xbox boosts users who want to access websites through their consoles. Thanks to enhanced compatibility support for Chromium, Edge can also have access to Google's Stadia streaming service. Furthermore, this also improves browser-based game connectivity and services such as Skype or Discord across the Web.

The Xbox Chromium-based Edge test browser uses the same desktop build sync engine. It supports extensions, vertical tabs, collections, and other features. It has the same support. The new console browser test update is due to start soon.


According to The Verge, "The support on Windows Desktops for the older Microsoft Edge version ends on March 9, and the testing of the new browser by Microsoft suggests they are going to be enabled soon on all Xbox consoles."

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