Minister Announces the program to enhance public schools in Punjab 'Mera School'

Dr. Murad Raas, Punjab School Minister of Education, announced that the Mera School Program would help people improve existing Punjab public schools. Punjab School of Education He also disclosed that people who wished to help build and improve existing public schools were receiving many requests from the Schools Department. He said that schools are not given to the community under the program, instead, people are allowed to provide missing facilities or meet other infrastructure needs, like libraries, computers, internet, or build new classrooms, etc.


The Minister stated that the 246,000 children had, despite the COVID-9-related constraints, been returned to school in 45 days and added that they had been checked as Form B was also received by these students in connection with the enrollment drive started on February 1. He said more than 157,000 of these were girls and more than 88,000 were boys. He said the department set an objective in one year to attract 1 million children to public schools.

It was also stated that 92% of all students enrolled in public schools first received a Form B. The Minister also said that. He said this Form-B record would also be checked by NADRA to obtain accurate data on students enrolled in public schools in Punjab in the future. He added that the government would assist the decision-making process as well.


Dr. Murad Raas said also that 50,000 applications had been received by the Department for online registration of private schools as well as the fee of registration of over Rs33 million. He has added data on students and teachers in those private schools and figures show that some 6,2 million children have enrolled in these 50 thousand private schools and about 350,000 teachers have been enrolled. He also revealed that without examinations no next degree student would be promoted.

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