NASA plans to test a prototype helicopter Ingenuity flight over Mars

For the first time in the coming month, NASA will launch a test flight for its prototype helicopter called 'Ingenuity.' The agency stated that the test flight would be supervised by 8 April.

Brilliance came to Mars connected with NASA's Perseverance rover, which landed on the red planet's surface on 18 February. Ingenuity in the Jezero Crater NASA has chosen for its flatness in a 33 by a 33-foot stretch of terrain for persistent use. The whole process takes approximately six days, with a single step involving a pyrotechnic cable cutting device.

Once the Ingenuity is deployed, the helicopter is carefully removed to allow its solar cells to recharge the entire test flight. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory's system engineer Farah Alibay said the deployment was never done before.

When all is done smoothly, the first trial flight in Ingenuity is approximately 10 feet off the planet's surface, which will last 30 seconds. As of today, NASA has only been tested in vacuum chambers and laboratories by Ingenuity. Here on earth.

Although the planet temperature for robots with the temperature drops below 130 degrees Fahrenheit, there are numerous obstacles.

MiMi Aung, JPL's Ingenuity project manager, says: "Mars is difficult. Our plan is to work on everything that we have faced by the Red Planet in the same manner, together with tenacity and a lot of difficult work and a little Ingenuity," he said.

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