Netflix introduces new comedy feature ‘Fast Laughs’

Netflix has just launched a feature called Fast Laughs, which is available on all iPhones. A website that creates content and video entertainment, is now available.

A TikTok-style feed with short clips from standups and other comedies and films is similar to this new feature.


The new functionality, which enables users to view, respond, share and add short videos to the Netflix Watchlist, is now enabled on iOS. To start watching the show immediately, you can also press the "Play" button.

The function was illuminated in the Netflix application where it could be found under "Coming Soon" in its own tab on the navigation menu.

The app will show the images and displays them straight. 100 short clips of 15 seconds to one minute are uploaded daily. If the audience is captivated, viewers will add the clips or series into their list and start viewing immediately.


It is only available on iPhones at this time. Android availability is due later this year. The kids cannot access this new functionality, and their content maturity would allow users to filter clips.

Similarly, Netflix debuted a number of years ago its own shortform video "Stories." The days have changed, though. Vertical short-form video streams like TikTok's, which are now common, attract users.

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