Netflix plans to launch 40 anime series in 2021

At the Anime Japan 2021 Expo in Tokyo on Saturday, Netflix announced that 40 new anime series would be released in 2021.

Two of the latest series are Yasuke, a series about an African samurai in feudal-era Japan, and The Way of the House Husband, an anime adaptation of a popular manga series in Japan. By 2020, these anime mergers would have nearly doubled the number of anime series available on the platform.

By 2025, the global anime industry is estimated to be worth more than $36 billion. Netflix appears to be planning to appeal to a wide variety of anime genres and styles, with new movies like Resident Evil: Endless Darkness and manga adaptations like Record of Ragnarok expected to debut in the coming days.

Eden and Yasuke are characterized as "brand new stories brought to life by a wealth of international artists," adding to Netflix's efforts to diversify its roster of original anime by partnering with top creators both inside and outside of Japan.

Netflix's top anime creator, Taiki Sakurai, says, "We want to be able to brag about being the best entertainment destination with top-notch content."

The anime industry is worth $23 billion, and companies like Sony, which is in talks to acquire AT&T's anime streaming service Crunchyroll, have been trying to break into it.

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