Netflix tests feature a password sharing limit

Netflix is testing a feature that asks viewers to check to have the household share with the account holder, according to the most recent report. The company said this change could limit Netflix's share of passwords.

A limited number of Netflix users receive a message that asks them to confirm that they reside in a text message or email to the owner. Viewers can delay the check and keep monitoring Netflix.

Anyway, when Netflix is open again, the notification will appear and finally, a new account will be required to continue streaming.

"This test is designed to ensure that Netflix users are permitted to do so,"

A spokesperson for Netflix said that.

The largest streaming service in the world, Netflix, is continually exploring new features to make its users easier to use. Recently, Netflix released a feature called fast laughs in the vertical video format. The feature is becoming really popular all over the world and has a comprehensive feed of funny clips from the comedy catalog of Netflix. It is only open to iOS users at this time.

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