'New Apple Pencil' Revealed, come alongside the iPad Pro

The new Apple Pencil, posted on Twitter, has been leaked by Mr. White, a well-known leaker. The new iPad Pro can be announced. The third Apple Pencil will be returning to the glossy look according to the leaked image, while Pencil 2 has a matt layer. The latest Apple Pencil will be similar to the existing pencil, which is shorter than the iPad and remains on an iPad's side magnetically.


'New Apple Pencil' leaked, come alongside the iPad Pro

The picture also shows that the tip of the apple pencil can be replaced. The current issue appears to have a large nib component, according to Rumors, unlike the last issue with thin and screw-on tips built for quick replacement. Interior feature upgrades can occur with the shift in design.

The pencil tips that can be shared can include new features such as plane and can also include paints, incubators, or graphites for the tip module.


In 2015 Apple launched the first Apple Pencil, transforming the use of iPads for painting, design, and general applications. The leaker had previously suggested that the next Pencil is black.

The new iPad Pro is expected to be released by Apple this month. In iPad Pro 2021, probably a new 5nm chip named the A14X Bionic goes to the power. The upcoming Apple devices also have updated mini LED panel hardware and upgraded camera features.

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