NIC LUMS Open Innovators' applications for the operationalization of real-world technology solutions

The LUMS National Incubation Center in Lahore (NICL) is ready to lead the next group of passionate and meaningful innovators to transform their ideas into business plans for investors.

The mission of NICL is to partner with radical and visionary thought-makers. With the emphasis on the best training, equipment, and networking support in Pakistan, NICL offers unparalleled opportunities for mobilizing starting firms and provides the tools needed not only to ensure that the country's start-up ecosystem is scalable but also supports it.


The center has identified the areas of high environmental, financial, and economic impact for improvement in Pakistan, including education. NICL aims to partner with the next generation of innovators in order to resolve Pakistan's most critical issues, by exploiting the power of artificial intelligence, the cloud, a blockchain, and the Internet of Things. This national objective also provides NICL-supported start-ups with a far bigger trade opportunity than most.

The cohort is strictly competitive and is chosen for the free-of-cost program. "Every request will be reviewed by members of the NICL Foundation Council, which includes successful entrepreneurs with a variety of experiences, and angel and venture investors operating within Pakistan who have raised considerable capital for growth. Each member is passionate about ensuring progress and success for Pakistan and is committed to curating and building up the country's start-up ecosystem," said NICL Chair Saleem Ahmad.

Over 6 months, the curriculum will cover six intensive boot camps involving: 1) design thinking; 2) business modeling and strategy; 3) marketing, branding, and sales; 4) financial, accounting, valuation, and share management; 5) negotiations and legal issues related to enterprises; and 6) presentation of appreciated professionals and the international specialists in the field of engineering. An important element in generating ideas is the applied emphasis of academic programming, supplemented by tailored workshops, lecturers, and LUMS alumni mentoring series.

The cohort will also use a number of resources, including the Entrepreneurs in Conversation series, which enables startups to direct the way to those who have successfully followed the path of innovation and entrepreneurship, so that they can learn from the creators and be inspired. And all this support and advice will be provided by a well-appreciated mentoring panel of industry leaders and LUMS graduates, who continue to live up to the university's "Learning Without Borders" ethos by using their strong networks to link start-ups to relevant opportunities and to build a long-standing relationship with businesses.

The agenda ends with an Investor Summit, where venture capitalists communicate with the most promising start-ups early in the world. The top graduates will also receive a three-month residency, including one-on-one mentoring, from participating venture capital firms, to refine and market their ideas. They are often referred to or nominated for other global programs that will make their business even more important.


This is an invaluable opportunity for entrepreneurs who are mission-focused to find the right experts to guide them along the path of transformative disruption. The deadline for submission is 28 March 2021.

On 10 and 11 April 2021, the Investor Summit will be held for the cohort currently in session. It is streamed live via Facebook, @NICLSolveTogether, on the NICL page.

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