Now cloth was made with banana after hemp

In the textile industry, Pakistan is seeing great growth. The cloth was now made from the banana tree trunk after cannabis.

The experts of the University of Technology produced a cloth from the banana tree trunk according to the details.

Dr. Mohsin has stated that bananas are grown in Pakistan on 34,800 hectares, an output of 154,800 tons per year. Every year over 9,000 kilograms of tree stems are lost and discarded or burned.

Dr. Mohsin says his team not only created a thread from this stem but also used a cloth and natural ingredients.

He said this fabric is longer lasting than cotton, and its price is half the cotton price.

Dr. Mohsin says farmers have used to throw or brush stalks, which are increasing waste and air pollution, but they are now also going to be an income source.

The fabric also helps to ensure that cotton production is reduced while protecting the environment.

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