On every Spark 6 Go shopping by TECNO, a Thailand Tour awaits you!

TECNO is the winner of the game in this competition to become the best brand for consumer commitment. This is the next step for TECNO. A special offer was revealed for the brand's fans, with each purchase of Spark 6 GO you have a scratchcard and the chance to win another Spark 6 GO for free!

Spark is the popular series of near-flagship features from TECNO's mid-range. The Spark 6 GO comes with the Mediatek A22 1.8 GHz Quad-Core Processor, the AI 13MP + QVGA Dual LED Flash Cameras, the AI 8MP LED Flash Front Cameras, and the Spark 6 GO batteries. The phone was a big seller on such a small budget with these incredible features.

Due to its outstanding features in a fair price category, it was a great success. Earlier available at PKR 16,499, but only PKR 15,999 is the Spark 6 Go with its 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB. Spark 6 was introduced at the cost of 20 599 PKR, with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB in massive storage, but now just 19 599 PKR.

The nice thing is that not only has the brand reduced its price, but the consumer gets a scratch card when purchasing any Spark 6 GO device. A new Spark 6GB phone, and many other awards like styles, key chains, etc... are included with every scratch-card. You can get the reward on-site from your dealer if you win types, kettles, or key chains, etc. You have to contact the TECNO team when you win a tour to Thailand or Spark 6 Go. Trying to send your Scratch Card, EMEI number of your device, and CNIC picture to TECNO, go to TECNO's Facebook page.

The gift will then be sent to you from the headquarters after checking by the brand's data collection office.

Is this not incredible? You just have to go, get the Spark 6 GO phone and your card to the nearest store, and then get the win! So what do you expect? You are waiting for your trip to Thailand. Hurry and take this opportunity to win awesome prizes and more.

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