OPPO setting trends in its next TVC Starring Asim Azhar and Maya Ali featuring F19 Pro

OPPO is the leading smart device brand, with its younger F19 Pro featuring Asim Azhar and Maya Ali, a vibrant TVC. In Pakistan, the OPPO F19 Pro for PKR 49,999 was released.

The TVC displays the pure creativity, talents, and excitement of Pakistani young people icon Asim Azhar and Maya Ali. The stars are seen to enjoy the beautiful song sung in Asim Azhar's melodious voice. Everybody can be hooked on the TVC with the fascinating texts and tuning. During the two OPPO F19 Pro variants, how the vivid color choices would easily illuminate the space was brighter than today. When Maya Ali documented the powerful dance of Asim Azhar, the luminous colors were more obvious.

The new video and AI portrait color video feature are on display in the TVC. It shows how OPPO F19 Pro blends into the lifestyle at the fingertips of the most innovative generation in the world. The AI Color Portrait Video and the new OPPO F19 Pro have also been released on the TVC.

As Maya records the dance of Asim, a dual view video will be shown very abstractly in the video. Simultaneously, Dual-View Video captures images from front and back cameras, allowing a daily vlog to have enjoyable experiences. With Every Shoot, the user gets to have fun.

The new TVC is also featured the AI Color Portrait Video. The OPPO F19 Pro records the subject with AI Color Portrait Footage, thus mutating the video's context with black and white.

The OPPO F series has always enjoyed the Pakistani young people as a characteristic of a pathbreaking camera invention. The brand's approach with OPPO F19 Pro is to demonstrate how easy times of daily life become treasured memories. OPPO assumes that the recollections are the bonding glue. The Smartphone features are therefore strategically displayed by the TVC, while the playful link between Asim Azhar and Maya Ali is emphasized.

The new F19 Pro aims to take advantage of the growing trend of video content creation among Gen Z. OPPO acknowledges the use of its contents as a socially expressive and exclusive forum for its authors. The latest news allows youth to conveniently capture Vlogs during concerts and trips.

You can book OPPO F19 Pro in advance on the website of OPPO to have Fun with Every Shoot. OPPO gives one OPPO F19 Pro and two OPPO Band Style by Asim Azhar to successful winners and a special gift box for Pre-Order customers.

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