Oppo to launch its first Foldable Phone in Q2

Various mobile firms are producing foldable telephones, and Oppo is one of the most important names for the introduction of their first foldable telephone. Up to now, the company has unveiled suitable products from high-end devices to entry levels. So, at this stage, we should believe the best smartphone ever will be the new foldable phones.


Oppo is scheduled to start its first folding smartphone, beginning in April and finishing in June, according to a recent rumor from China. But this coming product will sadly be a folding device rather than a rolling device, as seen by the Oppo X 2021, last year.

In 2021, it is reported that other smartphone firms including Xiaomi, Vivo, and Google are introducing their users' folding smartphones. But as the other companies reveal theirs, there is no clear time period.

"The majority of these products are claimed to be of the maximum spectrum, but, if not all of them, it seems that Huawei's Mate X and Mate Xs have ceased to be trendy. Or maybe it just has so many long-term downsides," says GSMA.


We, therefore, expect the folding smartphone race in 2021, as the company has already confirmed that it will fold in the shape of Mate X2 for 2021 when the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Z Flip3 (both foldable mobile phones) are released in the third quarter from Samsung.

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