Over 500,000 TikTok videos blocked by PTA

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has blocked access to about 500,000 improper TikTok videos in the country, says a one-member Peshawar High Court bench.

PTA lawyer revealed this to one single Member Peshawar High Court bench during a hearing about the court's new limitation on TikTok in the country.

Jehanzeb Mehsud, a PTA lawyer, has also said that Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan has contacted TikTok's owner on inappropriate content, and "The company has nominated the content focal person."

He said PTA monitored the mobile app closely and had limited access to about 500,000 offensive videos across the country.

On 11 March the high court ordered the PTA to prohibit the use of the Chinese app in China until a mechanism for filtering its content was established, which was unethical, immoral, violated social norms and ethics.

In response to the court order, the PTA ordered that Internet service providers immediately block TikTok video access. The app is not available in the country at present.

The General Manager of the Pakistan Transmission Authority, Mr. Kamran Khan, informs the Court that the question has been referred several times to its respective headquarters in Singapore, but there have not been satisfactory results.

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