Owner of Quetta Gladiators floats PSL vs IPL Champions matchup idea

Nadeem Omar, the owner of Quetta Gladiators, believes Pakistan and India must keep their hatches buried and look forward to a two-way cricket match. Omar said that the two countries have developed positively and the entire world is excited to see the archrivals collide on the pitch.

The team will be watched by millions of fans and it is important to see which team is at the top of the game between Pakistan Super League Champions, he said, and the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The idea of a match between the two leagues' champions has floated on social networks for several years and fans are excited by the fantasy of putting teams from both leagues against each other.

Omar said Cricket fans were deprived for far too long in both countries. Now is the time to look forward and resume cricketing relations between the two nations.

"The Pakistanis are really accommodating, and sports and politics have not ever mixed up. From India, we always have a lukewarm response. Now I hear the ice melt, so I hope that there is good sense," Omar said.

Omar said that politics must not interfere and that sports, entertainment, and performing arts do not have limits. He added that both countries reported that cricketing ties had resumed and the fans on both sides should be delighted with the excellent news.

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