Pakistan Bans TikTok App

After reviewing a complaint, Pakistan again banned TikTok in Pakistan. The Pakistan Tele-com Authority (PTA) sent Internet service providers yesterday to block immediate access to the TikTok app, while the short video sharing optician app has been banned by the authority and has now been unavailable in the country.


After a private complainant stated that the social media app was distributing outraged news, a high court in Peshawar city ordered the ban. The instructions were issued by PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan.

The PTA claimed in its statement: "PTA has given instructions to service providers to immediately prevent access to the TikTok App in accordance with the orders of the Peshawar High Court."

In a tweet, the TikTok app said that the app was aimed at maintaining a healthy and positive environment in use.


In his Statement, TikTok said that "In order to detect and review content that violates our service conditions and Community guidelines we use a combination of technologies and moderation techniques, and we apply sanctions for deletion of video and prohibited accounts in the event of breaches. "Our H2 2020 transparency study indicates that we are taking unacceptable material in Pakistan aggressively and proactively. This underlines our contribution to local rules" "

According to Mobile Insight Company App Annie, the app had approximately 33 million users in Pakistan last month, while the South Asian nation had nearly 100 million users.

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