Pakistan Set to Launch 5G by the End of 2022

By the end of next year, Pakistan plans to develop the new 5G technology, boosting the country's economic expansion by increasing its download speed 10 times a gigabit/sec. Pakistan is preparing an extensive 5G technology readiness plan in Pakistan.

Mobile phone companies conducted a non-commercial test of 5G services in a constrained environment in 2019 and 2020. The 5G speed tested was 10 times the 4G Internet.


The Federal Minister of Informatics, Syed Aminul Haque, announced on Friday that 5G technology is to be implemented in Pakistan by the end of the coming year. However, experts expect that 5-7 years will take to cover 5G technology of the next generation across the country.

Pakistan will enter the emerging markets of Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, India, and Sri Lanka, once the deployment has been fully completed. Experts say that after state-of-the-art technology arrives in Pakistan, Pakistan will have enormous economic growth.

In order to promote 5G technology in the near future, the IT minister confirmed that steps were being taken to develop the country's technical infrastructure. He said that 4G technology users in Pakistan currently number approximately 1.4 million.

Haque also said that the electronic voting system was being implemented in the forthcoming election to ensure transparency. He stated that we are also planning the introduction of a 'Digital Pakistan' e-voting system that refers to Prime Minister Imran Khan's view.


He said that he had responsibility for the transparent elections of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), and he also considered electronic voting options.

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