Pakistan's government imposes a ban on its officers' social media

Following reservations about inappropriate conversations between political parties during the Senate, the government has issued new guidelines banning the social media use of officials from key agencies.

In this respect, an official notice was given to all departments, secretarial branches, and heads of secretaries of all provinces.


The government instructed personnel to classify SM accounts for the interchange of sensitive information. When found, the government consults the IT departments concerned to ban them immediately.

Furthermore, Pakistan's government recently passed a new law, believing that the resistance would allow Pakistanis to use SM more power.

The "Citizens Protection Rules (2020)" call for the restriction or deletion of contents which government believes to be offensive to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

The regulations will allow officials to control and alleviate "terrorism, extremism, hate speech, false news, violence incitement, and national safety" activities online.


The new rules breach the fundamental freedom of expression provisions and go beyond the "boundaries of acceptable limits" laid down in Article 19, according to the Digital Rights Foundation in Pakistan (DRF).

It is also advised that government employees use dual authentication to preserve and protect their data against compromising.

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