PCB crosses 3 Million Followers on Official Twitter Account

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has recently been brave in promoting Pakistan cricket worldwide and improving domestic cricket conditions in the region. The social media department of PCB has supported cricket around the world and has continuously updated fans on different social media channels with something relevant to cricket from Pakistan.


The PCB has taken advantage of the immense influence of social media in this day and age and has seen improvement in its efforts.

3 million followers came across PCB's official Twitter account and PCB thanked fans' affection and encouragement in a special post.

The domestic system in the country has been given special attention by PCB. The Board decided two years earlier to alter the system and decided to hold to the move, despite the reaction from current and former cricketers.


Their decision proves fruitful because many cricketers have successfully joined the National team in support of good domestic cricket results. The PCB notes that in a few years, the reforms will be entirely effective.

The fans have got a change in the PCB's attitude which will inevitably support the cricket in Pakistan.

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