Pixel Live Caption Feature automatically reappears for certain users

Want to watch videos/films or short videos? If yes, you will know how difficult it is to learn languages other than your native language. As a Pakistani in general, I can relate it to myself, because the accent in some American films cannot be easily understood. Well, it's not much longer, since users of the title feature are facilitated by most video streaming applications. Now a new edition is available in pixel smartphones, as a live pixel option can now be found on some versions.


A live Caption is a wonderful option because even with live video, users can display subtitles on their phones. The launch of Android 10 followed this feature. A consumer wanting to enjoy this function can activate it by clicking the pixel device volume button. At the bottom of the screen, an on/off button will appear with a note that speech is generated with captions.

As this generating feature works rather better than Live Lessons for most Video Streaming applications, so many wouldn't want this feature. For certain people like me who already rely on other platforms when viewing videos, this option on your mobile phone screen may be annoying.


With this, a user can deactivate this function live on their pixel devices by turning off live captions in volume control by using the settings >> sound & vibration >> turn off live captions. Although this is the simplest way to disable the Live Title feature, several users indicated that it returns after some time when the function is removed. Many users on social media sites reported this problem. Although nothing will be changed, we hope that in the upcoming update, Google will resolve this problem.

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