Position of the National Cricket Team in the World Cup Super League

Cricket World Cup Super League ranking has been released by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

In the latest ICC Cricket Cup World League rankings, the national cricket team is seventh in 19 points, while India is just one point behind the national team.

Pakistan went to South Africa and Zimbabwe for a series, where they will face each other in a one-day series. Success in this series should improve the rankings of the national team.

Australia is second, New Zealand is third, Afghanistan is fourth, and Bangladesh is fifth in the new Cricket World Cup Super League rankings.

West Indies ranks 6th, while Pakistan is the seventh team, with India 8th, Zimbabwe 9th and Ireland 10th.

The first match between England and Ireland took place on June 30 last year and the ICC (International Cricket Council) presented the Super League of the ODI World Cup format.

The qualification round for the World Cup also started with a one-day round between England and Ireland.

The ODI League is the top 13 teams that select the teams to qualify for the 2023 Cricket World Cup. A full 12 ICC members and a Netherlands team will participate in the event.

The seven best teams will be qualified in the league for the 2023 World Cup, according to ICC.

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