PTA conducts the GT Road and Indus Highway Mobile Quality Survey

In order to assess the success and the efficiency of cellular mobile operators (CMOs), Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) carried out an ind├ępendent quality of service survey (QoS) from 22 to 24 February 2021 of the GT Road (Lahore to Peshawar) and Indus Road (Peshawar - Karachi), The survey results show that strong 3G coverage along GT Road is secure, while the Indus Highway provides ample 3G coverage and patchy 4G coverage.


Overall, both roads are able to provide adequate voice, SMS, and data services. However, there were few anomalies with all CMOs on all GT roads (from Lahore to Peshawar) and Indus highways on their voice and SMS QoS parameters (from Peshawar to Karachi). On Indus Highways, the 3G signal force of CMOs was identified in accordance with the License Standard, though, on the other hand, the 4G signal intensity was below the license standard.


CMOs is aimed at correcting the issues highlighted under PTA, optimizing the Mobile Network, and planning additional resources/locations along the above-mentioned routes in order to boost key performance indicators up to license level. After the licensees have received their compliance, a confirmatory survey will be conducted.

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