PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update Released with new features

PUBG Mobile update 1.3 recently provided a new twist along with Season 18 in the game called Hundred Rhythms. As before, a whole new season in the new Royale Pass is launching several new cosmetic items, including skins, costumes, and skins. The RP was built on the theme of 100 rhythms, with the Elite Pass available respectively for a total of 600 UC and 1800 UC.


One of the most important points of this upgrade is the new Century rhythm game mode, including new weapons, a new vehicle, and the new theme of Cheer park known as the annual music festival.

The update will carry out a new DJ stage for listening to music and for all forms of rhythm games in Erangel and Cheer Park. You'll also get a mysterious visit to the stage and also your friends will party on the stage with you.

New updates are also made to the traditional Royal Gaming War. Besides new cosmetics, by using new music-based capabilities you can monitor other players, defend yourself or boost damages.

You are opening the new Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle, the engine glider, and several others with the current Royale Pass.

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store with the latest update are available for download at 100 new rhythms. This update is around 1GB in size.


Update key feature of PUBG Mobile 1.3

Some of the features leading to PUBG Mobile with the 1.3 updates are here:

  • Latest Firearm: Sniper Rifle Mosin-Nagant
  • Motor Glider New Vehicle
  • Fresh Cheer Park: Hundreds of rhythm mode anniversary music festival
  • Tricks of Clowns Play the game (From March 31)
  • Display Feature of Melee Weapon

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