Punjab Police is launching a digital FIR monitoring app

In order to facilitate the process for all, the police of Punjab have agreed to launch a new app for digitally tracking all steps in the FIR registration process, starting with the request receipt and ending at a desk to register the report.


Inspector General Punjab Police (IGP) Inam Ghani noted that the request would include key FIR records, such as receipt of requests and register of cases at the reception desk.

The request will enable the Punjab Police to commence legal and departmental measures against officials who, according to IG Punjab, unnecessarily withhold FIR registrations.

He also stated that genuine efforts need to be made to address the issues of those who call the 15 emergency number with respect and pay special attention to the surveillance system to obtain citizens' input on the first respondent.

First, the app is launched in Kasur district as a pilot project. The app includes all relevant information, including the date of receipt of an application and case registration at the reception desk.


This will make them accountable and departmental and legal action is taken against them if someone causes a pause in generating reports.

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