Punjab safe cities authority issues E-challans

By 2020, 1,986,464 e-challans had been distributed to smugglers by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA), putting the national coffers in PKR192,73 million.

From its launch in 2018, the e-challan project has already released traffic violators e-challans via cameras that can be mounted on different roads throughout Pakistan's cities.


The use of advanced CCTV monitoring systems has made it possible, according to media sources, to more efficient traffic tracking and to ensure vehicle safety on the routes in Punjab, in particular in Lahore.

The Punjab Safe Cities Authority has issued an official summary of 4,4 million e-challans over the past two years. The breakdown includes between 2 and 75,000 trucks, 2.2 million and 90,000 motorcycles, and over 85,000 commercial vehicles for breaking traffic regulations. Challans has been released.

The system has reduced the number of fatal incidents by over 40 percent.


Even a new e-challan scheme was launched recently by the Rawalpindi City Traffic Police (CTP). The police intend to control the traffic more effectively and to make lawbreakers more disgusting.

The department of police and many members of the public commended the take control, but many others thought it was ineffective and signed petitions against the system.

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