Punjab Traffic Police increases challan rates

The Punjab Traffic Police's traffic hike has been approved by the Provincial Cabinet. The fines for discipline on highways in big cities across Punjab have been increased.

The provincial cabinet has acknowledged the concerns of the police force concerning rampant traffic violations and rash driving accidents, which severely impose fines on motorists driving without licensing or on mobile phones.

Bicycles are overrunning and paying Rs. 500 rather than Rs. 200, and those on cars pay Rs. 750 and those on the roads are fined Rs. 1000. The motor drivers will have to pay RS 500 for violation of traffic signals, while not using a helmet will lead to Rs 600 instead of Rs 200.

Rs. 400 is fined for going the wrong way, and the driver's Rs. 400 will also be charged for changing lanes without indicators. Those found driving cars will be fined Rs. 750 instead of Rs. 500, without attaching their seatbelt.

The new challan rates have already been achieved and driving on busy roads is advised to remain vigilant.

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