Qualcomm Unveils a high quality wireless audio Snapdragon Sound

Qualcomm has launched the latest high-end wireless audio sound platform Snapdragon. At the end of the handset, the company has launched the FastConnect 6900 series of Snapdragon 800 chips. The QCC514x, QCC515x, and QCC3056 Bluetooth Audio SoCs are available on headsets and earbuds.

This device supports aptX Adaptive that provides very low latency 24 bit 96 kHz audio. The system is 45% less latency than "a leading rival," according to Qualcomm. AptX audio codec is used for voice calls and teleconferencing. There is also a method for active noise cancellation.


Qualcomm also developed this technology to resist other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interferences. In this way, except in rushy conditions, it can provide glitch-free audio. The brand has also made it easy to match the current headphones.

Qualcomm Unveils a high quality wireless audio Snapdragon Sound

The Pres, Speech, Music and Wearables, Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. James Chapman, says,

"The ear of the person is particularly susceptible to drops, latencies, and other challenges that often occur during music playback, video conferencing, and wireless gaming. With our emphasis on end-to-end products, we are searching for innovations that address common consumer pain points at almost all points of audio interaction."

Xiaomi is Snapdragon Sound Train's first smartphone creator. The Audio-Technica headphone maker is also on board.


"Xiaomi is proud to be Snapdragon Sound's first smartphone company. Snapdragon Sound will carry our consumers in all regions new, high-qualité, seamless, low-latency audio experiences and provide improved sound during voice calls, video conferencing, games, and/or music listening."

Lei Zhang, Mi Smartphone Vice President, and Xiaomi, Hardware R&D General Manager, said.

"We think we are closer to our shared vision of providing wireless music of excellence with Snapdragon Sound and are very happy to be one of the first producers to make our products available to consumers."

Say, Sound Technica's Narihara, Director, Marketing Headquarters General.

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