Ramiz Raja feels disappointed after PSL 6 gets postponed

Former Pakistani captain Ramiz Raja was deceived by Pakistan Super League (PSL )'s postponement in the sixth season.

Raja felt disappointed and treated it as a huge loss for all involved when she spoke on its official YouTube channel.


"There is, as if you were deceived, anger, frustration, and deceit. For PSL there's such a feeling. It took 25 days of dedication of 365 days for PSL, but we could not offer it. This is a huge collective failure. There was a big loss of stakeholders and PCB certificates were affected," Raja said.

"What are you going to organize a huge event with Covid-19 when the world no longer worries Pakistan's security view? Now they were looking at it. In this regard, this is a big hit as Australia waits in the wings for Pakistan to play a three-match Test series, what do you think? What will be protocols, will there be breaches? Such as this, England will even come and see what they are going to think now. That was the stuff to be stared at," he said.


"It's just a matter of wonders that you can ruin somebody's future by what can be the effect of your wrong decision, many players wanted to come back from PSL, but because of your stupidity, you stopped their chances. Therefore, PSL is not a neighborhood brand, is a global brand and was observed around the world. It is worth considering Suddenly the whole tournament drowned due to the incompetence of 2 or 3 people," he concluded.

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