Razer Launches Anzu Smart Glasses for $200

Razer leaped with the Anzu into the market for clever glasses. The Anzu smart glasses are now carried by Razer. The smart glasses are available in two shapes, sizes, and lenses. In addition, the sound functionality is built-in.


In addition, the recently released smart glasses feature an open-air speaker design that sounds from the temples to the ears. In addition, you can provide a music stream or make calls using the built-in microphone.

Interestingly, the Anzu contains temple touch controls that enable you to access a range of functions. These can be used easily in both temples regardless of your dominant hand.

Another advantage is that it is available in two designs: rectangle and round. Either arrive with a range of big or small frames. You should then pick the form according to your choice. Furthermore, the clever glasses are equipped with two lenses. The pre-installed one is intended for indoor use, as 35% blue light can be blocked by computers. The other is twisted in order to block UVA/UVB rays of 99 percent.


Razer also requires custom prescription lenses to be mounted. The business worked with Lensabl and customers could purchase their Anzu with prescription glasses. Other features include the water resistance IPX4, a five-hour battery life period of 2 weeks, and a special game mode 60ms audio delay. In addition, the smart glasses cost $200. There is no information on the availability in other markets.

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