Reforms to make it easier in February have led to 39% growth – SECP

The Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) reported that business-friendly reforms led to corporate growth of 39 % in February. Over the last month, SECP has reported 2,257 new businesses. 99 % of them are online connected.


In a tweet, SECP said:

In February, business-free reforms led to 39% corporate expansion. In February, SECP had reported 2,257 new firms. Their number was 99 %, with 30% being registered online and 175 foreign users being registered from overseas on the same day.

175 foreign users have already been registered from abroad, the media release announced by SECP. A total of 137,054 companies were registered.

There were 765 listed companies in Islamabad, 634 in Lahore, and 361 in Karachi. Investors worldwide include the UK, UAE, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Korea South, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Their firms are the largest investor.

Including 354 incorporations, the trade sector guided. In addition, the IT industry has 272 registrations and 220 new registrations in the building sector.


The growth is the product of the following actions, according to the SECP

  • Presentation of a simplified reservation and integration process
  • Fee decrease
  • Online payment facility
  • Digital certificates for registration
  • The recently formed Business Centre's incorporation support.

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