Sachin Tendulkar also affected from Coronavirus

In India, corona vaccination continues. The number of cases is growing rapidly, despite the vaccination. In India, 62,000 cases of corona were reported in a single day due to the third wave of the corona.

As a result of the increasing war in India, a large number of players, including Hollywood actors, have been affected and locked up by this epidemic, including Mr. Aamir Khan, a perfectionist.

But the bad news for cricket fans is that Sachin Tendulkar, the former Indian cricket is also affected by corona. Because of ill health, Tendulkar took his positive corona test.

Sachin Tendulkar confirmed in a social networking update on the Twitter platform that he had to undergo coronary artery due to minor symptoms, but the members had to undergo coronary artery tests.

The former Indian Batsman named the Indian nation to enforce the Karuna SOPs strictly and said that by taking precautionary steps on the directions of doctors he had become isolated.

Tendulkar thanked the health professional in his post on social media.

It is worth noting that Aamir Khan's spokesperson confirmed only a few days ago that the corona test of the actor has been positive, and then quarantined at home.

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