SCO brings Resolution Day surprises

SCO announced Azadi SIM Package on the occasion of Pakistan Day, as well as giving its customers the opportunity to win SCOM Golden Number, SCOM Cards, and Mobil Phones.

In the spirit of Pakistan Day, on 23 March, only Rs. 150, 2300 MB free, 2300 on-line and 2300 SMS will be available for a period of nine days. The main sites of Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Gilgit, Skardu, AJ&K, and GB will be constructed with special SCO Kiosks.

In addition, consumers can earn a number of prizes through a lucky draw on closing time on the 23rd March, by buying SCO products from the branded Kiosks. Golden Number of SCOM is eligible to buy Super Card Gold from SCO Kiosks, and they are eligible to buy a Mifi device with a lucky draw upon purchase of Surprise Mini Card. When a client buys SCOM SIM from a kiosk with the brand SCO, they are also given a nice bag with the brand SCO.

The company did not forget its digital supporters and S-Paisa wallet users on this special occasion. Digital viewers will earn a SCOM card via a lucky draw when they tag twenty-three (23) friends. Similarly, consumers will have the chance to win a mobile phone by completing three transactions through the S-Paisa wallet account.

Customers are invited to visit the special kiosks and remember the day. Call SCO Helpline 111-726-726 or visit

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