Sindh Government developed Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most common tools in the world for road navigation. This app lets you reach the desired destination without any physical assistance. The Sindh government is behind the design of Google Maps and their traffic displays projects, apart from MIT and Harvard graduate engineers working for Google.

In a recent speech to the Sindh Assembly, Taimur Talpur, IT Minister of the Sindh Province, disclosed. He said that Sindh's information and communication department had launched a red-and-white line on Google maps that represented the traffic situation in several areas or on roads.

Check here the full speech of the IT Minister in the Sindh Assembly:

The Minister added that the Sindh administration system has already been in use by Google and that this service not only is available to people in Pakistan but also to millions of people worldwide.

Google Maps was introduced in 2005 and is a web-based service offering satellite images with aerial pictures, road maps, 360° immersive views of highways, traffic conditions in real-time, preparedness of travel on foot, buses, coaches, air, and public transportation. It is one of the most widely used navigation apps worldwide and helps users reach their destinations easily.

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