Smart airless tires use NASA technology to counter punctures

The agency is looking at high-end channel technology in daily goods with every day NASA breakthroughs. By introducing tire technology that is primarily super-elastic tires, which can stand up to more distortion than any other pneumatic tire, it's the next breakthrough of the company.

A starter named Smart uses the tire technology that was originally designed for the Lunar Rover and a Metal bicycle tire for the Mars rover. The tire consists of interconnected springs which need not be inflationary. Smart claims that the superelastic tires have been designed to stand robust terrain without going flat, like titanium. In eco-conscious cyclists sick of throwing rubber tubes into the trash, this will allow puncture-free rides mainly.

Smart has worked closely with the space agency as a NASA-approved startup on its Metal tire, which is expected to reach customers at the beginning of next year. Spin, Ford's e-scooter sharing company, is already partnering with the startup. Smart, co-founded by Survivor: Fiji's Earl Cole champion and Brian Yennie, engineer, plan to take his tires to cars as well.

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