Sony confirms shutting down PS3, Vita and PSP this year

Sony is announcing that access to PlayStation Store will be cut off this summer for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable. On 27 August 2021, the PS3 and PS Vita stores are closed and the remaining PSP purchasing roles are closed on 2, 2021.

Today, details of the forthcoming shutdowns have been revised to the essential Sony website notice feature. Though the shops will end later this year, Sony has confirmed that after that date players will redownload their own games. People may also settle PS Plus and game vouchers, but bags are no longer accepted.

Sony promised that subscriptions and access to PlayStation 3 and Vita games will not be impacted by store closures by Users' PlayStation Now.

Sony confirms shutting down PS3, Vita and PSP this year

PS3, PS Vita, and PSP digital products, including games and movies, are no longer offered for purchase. You will no longer shop in-game on the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP.

Sony also began removal last year from the new PSN online shop of PS3, Vita, and PSP contents. You can't buy older streaming games soon, even though you have the original consoles. The coming closures will make it harder to play only digitally downloadable PS3 games.

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