Spotify acquires Betty labs to introduce live audio

Spotify Inc announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Betty Labs, the organization, for the purpose of promoting its foray into live audio behind the sports-oriented popular audio network Locker Room.

Spotify is betting on the future of live social music with the acquisition of Lightspeed Ventures and GV-backed companies. The focus on social audio features became more popular with the launch of Clubhouse last year.

"Hundreds, millions of listeners and millions of artists are asking for live formats on Spotify," Gustav Söderström, Chief Research and Development Officer of Spotify, told a blog post. "We are glad that they will be available soon."

"We are excited to join forces with Spotify and to continue to grow the future of audio," said CEO Howard Akumiah, CEO of Betty Labs. "We'll invest more in our app and give the audience the experience, optimize our content choices and expand the community we built."

We are offering professional athletes, authors, singers, songwriters, podcasters, and other global voices the chance to host talks, debates, request any (AMA) sessions, and more. This shows that Spotify was able to reform and develop the consumer app and improve the user experience right after the company was acquired.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, voice and audio service became popular, and the newly launched Betty Locker Room in 2020 became a popular sports fan talk and watch event for sports fans.

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