Spotify Now open to advertisers in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

The world's most successful global premium audio streaming service, Spotify (NYSE: SPOT), provides millions of people in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka with new brands that give millions of active listeners a chance to access its innovative, artistic, free tier of advertising. The local promotional partner for Spotify is Httpool.

Free for anyone available since 23 February in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka Spotify provides the best listening platform for local and international music from over 70 million songs, including mobiles, smart speakers, laptops, and game consoles, across thousands of platforms.


That makes it easy for people to listen to their life at any moment when they are studying, cooking, entertaining, learning, and everything between them. This streaming activity is the basis of the Streaming Intelligence of Spotify, its exclusive data from the first party and its feedback focused on users' streaming behavior. This offers advertisers a unique ability to meet engaged listeners in the correct context for the correct messages.

Spotify has collaborated since its launch with a small number of brands in the area to publish on Spotify Free. Spotify partners include:


EBM – Makers of Peek Freans, NESCAFÉ Pakistan, JAZZ, XIAOMI Pakistan


Unilever, bKash and Evaly

Sri Lanka:

Dialog Axiata PLC, Coca-Cola, Unilever Sri Lanka – Beauty/Personal Care 


Advertising on Spotify

Fully personalized and focused on promotional targets, the App Spotify provides marketers with a variety of ways to reach its audience. This includes audio, video, and advertisement. Advertisers can target logged-in viewers, as they can listen while streaming via devices such as mobile devices, desktops, smart speakers, games consoles, and many more. Globally, an average of 2,5 hours of audio on the platform are spent every day by Spotify Free users via multiple devices.

„With millions of people around the world switching to digital audio daily in the middle of audio revival for content, education, and rest. Today in the media there is just no longer creative space," says Lee Brown, VP of Spotify's Global Head of Advertising. "We are excited to unleash Spotify's first audio app strength and exclusive data and insight into advertisers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka."


"We're excited to add ads from Spotify to Pakistan. Our European and Asian teams are now experienced in supporting the latest insight and expertise in sponsors, organizations, and brands to make their promotions a success. Timotej Gala, the Senior CEO of global operations at Genotype, said that we are doing our best in providing first-hand assistance to the highest executive level of the world."

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