T20 World Cup, India knelt under Pakistani pressure

India has succumbed to pressure from Pakistan by agreeing to notify the ICC that the Pakistani squad, officials, media, and spectators have been granted a government visa guarantee to the T20 World Cup.

On 31 March and 1 April, a two-day virtual ICC Board meeting, represented by Ehsan Mani, will be held in Pakistan. Report on progress on other main topics, including visas and public permits.

The PCB has made it clear to the ICC that Pakistan only goes to India to play if India gives a written guarantee of visa and protection to players, officials, the media, and fans. If not, a mega event in the UAE was decided, but now the BCCI is under pressure and is ready to be guaranteed.

The Indian Council has obtained a guarantee and authorization, according to sources, from its Government to ensure the protection of those from Pakistan, including visas. At the meeting, the Board shall make a formal statement.

On the other hand, ICC Board Meetings have been going on for the last 5 days, during which Finance, HR, and Legal meetings have been held. The meeting of the chief executives has also been completed, consultation on the progress made in them and approval of important decisions will be given in the board meeting.

Meanwhile, the chief executive meeting has decided to extend the duration of the measures taken due to the coronavirus. Until mid-July this year, local umpires will continue to play a role in the home series.

The ICC Cricket committee accepted a hybrid model for match officers at its meeting earlier this month, which would allow the appointment of a neutral arbiter with three local officials only in those countries were officers from other countries without easy access to quarantine.

According to recommendations submitted to the ICC Committee for the Chief Executive Council's final approval, impartial arbitrators are to be named in Southampton from the 18th to the 22nd of June to participate in the scheduled test final between India and New Zealand. The British Chris Broad and fellow countrymen Richard Kettleborough, Michael Gough, and Richard Alngorth are supposed to be the arbiter of the match. The elite panel includes members.

The Board agreed to nominate local officials to replace Neutral in June of last year because of travel difficulties caused by coronavirus and there will be a ban on using saliva to polish the ball.

The cricket commission had recommended the arbitration soft call in the last part-session, and India had also requested a review of the matter. The heads of the ICC said the soft call of the cricket committee. According to all sides, including players and fans, the matter was common sense.

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