TCL introduces thinnest 8K Mini-LED with amazing luminosity

At the product launch conference yesterday, TCL will launch its TCL X12 8K Mini-LED flagship with a luminous smart TV. The smart TV is high-end, with the thinnest 85-inch screen. It is also high at a price of 9.999 yuan, but will surely provide value for money. It is valuable.

The TCL X12 8K smart screen is the first OD Zero smart Mini LED and the thinnest Mini LED TV in the world. The Mini LED Screen with the most LED chips is also smart.


The technological development of the next Mini-LED is OD Zero. The distance from the backlight to the LCD layer in TV in this technology is OD Zero or Optical Depth Zero. In the TV industry, TCL introduced the "zero distance" technology between the backlight and the screen first, whereas LED TVs usually have a gap from 20 to 30 mm between the two panels. Thus despite its enormous 85-inch screen but a smart mini LED is 1cm thick, making it the finest smart TV.

Thousands of LEDs offer incredible light output, dramatic highlights, and a more dynamic, high HDR performance. This mini LED TV has a stunning 2000 nit luminosity and 96,000 LED chips. It also has 1920 physical clothing, a high contrast ratio of 1000,000,000:1, and very precise delivery of images. With respect to image performance, a smart TCL x12 8k mini-LED with a high color wheel of 157% (bet.709) is used for quantum dot pro-technology.

Only 5.1.2 theatre level HiFi, 8 channels, and 25 speakers are provided for the TCL X12 8K LED display. The subwoofer is equipped with a cavity of 7 liters to audio boom up. In addition, the Starlight Smart Screen TCL X12 Mini LED has a 48 megapixel 3D ToF ToF camera that can more efficiently detect air gestures, play and pause gestures, and also more relevant field the viewing position and distance of a person. In addition, internal TV and software chipsets have still not been disclosed.


Also, when the mini-LED can be sold there is no information. In the beginning, it will be offered for $1536 in China only (Approximately Rs. 241,000)

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