The first fast in Pakistan is likely to be on April 14

The first fast will be on Wednesday, April 14th, when the moon will be sighted on Sha'ban 29.

On the morning of 12 April 2021, the month of Ramadan in the world was born. The day will be 28 Sha'ban in Pakistan, and the moon of Ramadan cannot be seen in most parts of the world, even in Pakistan, at sunset on April 12. And the moon itself will be set after 37 seconds, and it is very likely that the Ramadan Moon will be seen in most parts of the world on the 13th of April, according to 29 Sha'ban Pakistan.

The first fast will be on Wednesday, April 14th, when the moon will be spotted on Sha'ban 29. This was told in an interview with The Express by Dr. Shahid Qureshi, a popular astronomer, and expert in crescent sighting.

The birth on Monday, 12 April, will take place at 7.30 a.m. Pakistan time, according to information obtained from Dr. Shahid Qureshi, so the crescent is not likely to be seen anywhere on the world on the soil of 12 April. However, this evening in American countries we cannot exclude the possibility of seeing crescent through binoculars.

Sunset, according to 28 Sha'ban Karachi, this evening, Monday, April 12, is 6:52:59, and the crescent is 7:11, 11, and 16 sec and the sunset is 18 minutes and 37 seconds. The sunset is 12 hours and 50 minutes old, and the sunset is just 18 minutes and 37 seconds after sunset.

Dr. Shahid Qureshi reports that on the same day on Monday, the sunset in Makkah, in just 23 minutes, is set, and the sunset is only 5 degrees above the horizon. 

According to Dr. Shahid Qureshi, the sunset in Makkah is going to be 1 hour 12 minutes, and 26 seconds, which will make it easy to see the crescent. But the first fast in Saudi Arabia, according to Saudi traditions. It is scheduled for 13 April.

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