The first US president banned from Twitter says he won’t be back on Twitter

In the wake of the US Capitol storm of 2021, Donald Trump was banned from Twitter indefinitely. But, in his anticipated reemergence in social media, the US President recently declared that it is intended to launch his very own social media platform. However, it turns out that the former president does not want to go down one direction: 'Get back on Twitter.'

Currently, the reticence of Trump is irrelevant because Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, has banned him indefinitely. Nevertheless, according to a Politico report, the former president—known both for his discord and his concern for attention—has told people in his circle that he is being done with the site, even where permitted back.

"In hell, he gets back to Twitter, there's no chance. In truth, I mean," said the former president close to him. "He gave them his company, made it his first news, discussions, and gossip application during his chairmanship, and finally they said 'Sayonara' So no, he's not interested in joining."

Questions as to whether and where the 45th President will reappear from his own social media outlet took on more intrigue this week, as Trump Senior Consultant Jason Miller said that his boss was "two or three months" away from launching his own social network and claimed to be "the hottest social media ticket."

Most of the people in Trump's own circle, however, are critical of the President's plans and think the effort will fail regardless of who participates or what the former presidential team entails.

The former campaign officer of the Trump said, "Even though it does not suck, who's the hell going to sign up? "This is not a lot of confidence I have."

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