The football game in Pakistan started to stumble

Football in Pakistan started to crumble again, as the conflict between the two groups challenged the future of football.

Football is one of the world's most common sports but has been restricted to the scope of controversy in Pakistan in recent years. The community got control again.

The FIFA normalization committee head, Haroon Malik, allegedly broke the window, leaving the FIFA House after former officers of the Pakistan Football Federation had arrived.

Ashfaq, former President of the Pakistan Football Federation, told the media that we had taken over the resolution after the congress meeting in Islamabad. This mission was failing by the FIFA Standardization Committee. We can no longer allow it to lower football standards in Pakistan if we can not conduct elections. Now we ourselves have improved the situation.

"Despite the millions of rupees charged, the members of the committee did nothing. For a long time, there has been no work to develop soccer. We came up against them with the police. In order to remind FIFA, we have written a note, "He said.

The FIFA standardization committee chairman, Haroon Malik, on the other hand said that the soccer house had to be taken by force, the whole matter had come to FIFA notice, I had been fined, I was barely able to get away.

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