The game-loving young man became a millionaire in months

In a few months after playing, a young man in South Korea became a millionaire. Although the corona lockdown was a boon for game lovers, a South Korean gamer has really started to spend millions of times.

Kim Min-quo, 24, was enriched by games 15 hours a day, a game that thousands and thousands of his fans watched on social media.

Reports show that Koyo turned the storeroom at Seoul's mom's roof into a lock-down zone, where he sat down and printed real finances.

Kim Koyo began to earn 50,000 in a month by being able to play the game. He makes interesting and attractive remarks and jokes while he plays this game.

With that money, he has been one of the top 1% of South Korean players to make a game, but interestingly, he's still not changed his lifestyle and so he lives simply.

It should be noted that a live jockey in South Korea is called a broadcast jockey, and it's very popular among young people. Young people are talking, playing a game, dancing, and singing, eating, drinking, and sleeping.

Some people receive up to million dollars in live broadcasting a month. Kim, who also plays 'League of Legends' Pajamas online war game, enhances his gaming with a funny conversation followers love.

He makes money not only from YouTube advertising but also from his fans' donations and sponsorships. It has over 400,000 YouTube subscribers.

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