The Hands-on Video Features of OPPO F19 Pro allow users to enjoy for each shoot

The new version of the F-series OPPO F19 Pro will launch the leading smart device brand. AI Colored Portrait video will be provided to enable users to broaden their artistic horizons with the new smartphone. The AI Color Portrait Video series was a big success and has been launched in a crowd.


Oppo F19 Pro has inherited the consistent F-series picture quality, offering amazing gunfire effects for users. We found that users need customized expression through a user study. AI Color Portrait Video has therefore been created which can differentiate the portraits on your screen. This series maximizes the feature for video portraits, which allows the phone to cover more facets of the use of image experience.

The team worked hard on a series of technical issues in refined portrait identification in developing AI Color Portrait Video over a period of a number of months, namely the keying and the monitoring of the product. For example, in some scenes, engineers debugged algorithms via trial and error are typically unsatisfactory key results. In order to recognize gestures, they have to find the solution of enhancing the meaning of borders. They may also be artifacts that affect the recognition effect in a person's hand.

To enhance the accuracy and clarity of the key, we must train an AI model to identify more complex portrait edges like gestures and portrait attachments (water cups, etc.).

Furthermore, we define the main scene in the portrait, based on the real needs of the users and the balance of imagery effects, to make the closing film more accurate and personalized. The most distinguishing aspect of the portraits is that we still support the beauty effect while promoting the color preservation of the video portraits, so users can use simple operations to create beautiful personalized portrait effects.


Dual View Video helps users from more than one angle to catch moments. This new feature allows users to capture videos both from the rear camera and the front-facing camera simultaneously. Previews can be viewed on the computer from both perspectives. In order to make shots come to life through user phrases, both the atmosphere and the user's phrase are also registered. During a concert, users can sing with an idol and record their performance as well as themselves at the same time. The front-front camera can be embellished, while the back camera can be zoomed. ColorOS cameras have Dual-View Video only available.

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