The re-entry app for prisoners on Facebook would improve return to society

Facebook continues to introduce unique features to make it easier for people of all types worldwide. This time, the organization also established a re-entry application for inmates who are returning from prison.

Usually, in a culture, which has a detrimental impact on mental health, inmates are unwelcome upon returning. Some take their lives, too. Facebook works to create more goods for our marginalized community, and it is also an attempt to make the inmates feel at home when they return.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his intentions to create the bridge between the unknown sector and the community.

"To promote social justice we create goods. Although all of our platforms are supported by something for this disadvantaged group, Instagram has an equity team that develops new features to meet the needs of under-served."

Some Instagram users, who are at the top of their feed, have shared new software called Re-entry App. Users received a message "Preparing for Life after Prison and Community Support" for this new software. The note also asked users to click on the app to receive feedback early.

When the company told about the re-entry Facebook submission, the spokesman of the company said:

"We have explored various ways to help those in marginalized communities through our applications close gaps." "

This was just an internal test and we told it when we found it was running externally briefly."

This is not the first time the business has taken such a move, Instagram previously worked very hard with the most vulnerable in our community.

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