This card can generate electricity from 5G system

The photo shows a card that looks like a printing card with a standard inkjet printer that can directly produce electricity from Fuji Tower's radiation. The card draws 6 microwave signals of power from Five G Tower at a distance of 180 meters.

The world's first 3D, card-like antenna to extract electricity from the Fiji Tower is built by Georgia Technology scientists. Wireless communications systems theoretically produce a great deal of energy and future smartphones would be able to use wireless networks to generate up to 30 percent of electricity.

The research was reported in the science reports by the Georgia Tech team. He has investigated and developed the technology to generate electricity from millimeter radio waves. However, for more capacity, larger antennas are required. Then the antlers must be rotated in the way the radiation emanates.

However, this invention will be able to remove batteries in millions of smartphones and small devices and use them in smart cities or smart agriculture. However, to solve many problems, a kind of part called a root man lens has been inserted in the middle of the card. The lens divides the millimeter-wave into high gain, wide and narrow-angle radiation. Thanks to them, signals are received from everywhere without changing the direction of the radar.

The card is made so compact along with the root-man lenses that it can be twisted and printed from the printer on the whole circuit. Although the card produces just a little power, it can operate small sensors, IoT Internet, and other small devices. It can generate small electricity.

Experts at Georgia Tech hope to revolutionize wireless technology and energy through their inventions.

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