This YouTuber mined a game boy with bitcoin

Why take a high-end GPU with a flimsy BIOS to my bitcoins if you can use portable old-school consoles? A YouTuber named 'StackSmashing' has accomplished that, using a slightly changed console of Game Boy, a Raspberry Pi Pico, and a standard computer. StackSmashing saw an Elon Musk tweet that users could buy Tesla's vehicles via Bitcoin, so the YouTuber decided to create a project that needed very low-cost devices.

In this project, mining takes place on an inventory of Game Boy, published 20 years before the inventor of Bitcoin. Because the Game Boy can't link directly to the Internet, the whole blockchain could not be kept there. StackSmashing used the Pico and Link Cable to connect to a device running a Bitcoin node to oversee this specific challenge. When connected, the Game Boy has managed the hashing program from a programmable cartridge and even played a fun animation during the mining process.

Given that the Game Boy is well below the current mining machine (the Game Boy runs at 0,8 hash per second while ASIC miners run at 100 terahash per second), it is very difficult to obtain bitcoins by demonstrating how to produce bitcoins without the new gear. The boy is also very unlikely to be efficient.

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